Certification Types


Individual certification examines evidence of the individual's commitment to civility in everyday interactions.

Small Business

Small business certification looks at owner-operated businesses and the environment and reputation that firm has created.

Media Business

Media certification looks at both corporate and individually-produced media outlets whose business is serving an audience.


Enterprise certification examines the culture, service, and partnerships of corporate entities.

Earning the Certified Civil Designation Will:

Build trust and credibility

The rigorous certification process will demonstrate credibility, which leads to confidence and trust when working with your organization.

Build a healthier organization

When your organization embraces civility standards and builds a culture of treating people with dignity and respect, a more positive culture is fostered. This improves profitability, efficiency and employee retention, and enhances your reputation. 

Establish Civility Guidelines

Help establish internal guidelines and expectations for how to maintain civility within your organization, safeguarding your reputation when conflicts arise.