About Civility Ambassadors

Civility Ambassadors understand, value, and promote civility. By becoming a Civility Ambassador, you are communicating your commitment to civility, joining a community of likeminded individuals, and gaining access to helpful tools that will allow you to effectively articulate the value of civility.

How Does
It Work?

The process only takes a few weeks.

Step 1

Register and pay the $99 registration fee. Then, you'll receive an email giving you access to the course materials.

Step 2

Take 8 self-paced modules and corresponding quizzes. Each module is between 5 and 50 minutes of view time. Quizzes require an 80% pass rate.

Step 3

Once you've completed the online course, you'll receive an email prompting you to schedule and undergo a 15-minute interview with the Civility Ambassador Certification Committee. Answers to all of the questions are covered in the course materials. Your responses will demonstrate your understanding of the material and ability to convey it.

Step 4

Agree to the code of conduct, and become certified!


The course covers:

  • How to intervene when your community is facing a civility crisis.
  • Details about what civility is and is not.
  • A sample civility presentation.
  • Engaging exercises that help convey the importance of civility.
  • Speaking tips and tricks.

Anyone with a desire to share the value of civility and to repair our world by restoring civility to society is invited to become a certified Civility Ambassador. There is no need for prior knowledge or any special skillset.

Certification costs $99, which includes all course materials, assessments, and activities. The fee also includes your certificate and materials.

An 80% pass rate is required for each self-paced module quiz. Subsequently, during the interview, you’ll be asked a series of questions, the answers to which are covered in the material. The goal is to assess your understanding of the course material and ability to convey it.

Certification consists of two steps:

  • Eight self-paced modules and several quizzes
  • A 15-minute interview with the Civility Ambassador Certification Committee

You have one year from your application acceptance date to complete these steps, though most participants complete the program in a few days to weeks.

We encourage you to encourage others to become CCA as well.

WCC certifies that the Civility Ambassador has completed the course and demonstrated knowledge of course material, has expressed a commitment to spreading values of dignity and civility, and has also agreed to a code of conduct.